Cincinnati Parent Cover Model Search Finalists

Congratulations to our top 25 cover kids finalists! You can vote once every 24 hours! Voting is open from 9/1/2017 to 9/15/2017. The winner will be announced on 9/18/2017. 

Photos were taken by Hezlep Photography.

* To vote, hover over the image you want to vote for and then click the heart. Please make sure to only press the heart once. If you press multiple times your vote might be counted the first time and second time it will tell you, you have already voted!

** Having trouble voting? Our voting is tracked based on your IP address. Many homes/business/libraries share the same IP address. If your computer is telling you, you have already voted it is very possible someone from your IP address has already voted. To get around this, try voting on your phone!

***If you are still having trouble voting please email Brooke Litherland. 

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