Cincy Kid Approved: Rockin’ Jump Cincinnati

Some of the coolest, funnest places in Cincinnati aren’t exactly for little kids. I’m taking the 6 and under, not-tall-enough-to-ride, big-but-still-little crowd. In other words: my kids. But Rockin’ Jump Cincinnati makes it easy for kids of all ages to have a good time. This trampoline park just opened in May, and really has something for everyone (including a Parents Lounge area where you can keep an eye on your kids away from the fray). For more information about Rockin’ Jump’s older-kid offerings, read our Online Spotlight; today, I’d like to focus on on my little kids’ experience at this brand-new indoor playground.

You’ll fill out an electronic Waiver as you check in; it took me under a minute to fill out. Then you enter the front desk area and get special socks for each jumper. (My kids are obsessed with their socks and have been wearing them non-stop since.) Socks are $3 — but you’re encouraged to wash and bring them back at your next visit! The socks have super treads on them, which give little kids extra traction — which they’ll need as they run up the trampoline walls!

There is an area especially for jumpers 6 and under. This area is open and spacious, and really lets kids be free to bounce, climb, roll and fall. (No running though!) My kids eagerly jumped for a solid 45 minutes before looking for a change of pace. At 6, 4 and 3 they are always jumping, rolling and climbing around the houseand I am always telling them to stop. It is really nice to have a safe space for them to go crazy!

Speaking of which, the Dodge Ball Arena was bananas. My kids don’t know how to play dodge ball, but they had a blast jumping, throwing and bouncing the dodge balls around this special area. I hated dodge ball as a kid (those gym class balls were not soft at all!), but the dodge balls at Rockin’ Jump were cushy toys not worrisome weapons.

All the different zones at Rockin’ Jump have staff who watch and make sure everyone is playing safely. They were all very friendly, as evidenced by the energetic teen who tirelessly gave my kids roughly 1,234 high-fives as they jumped by him. There are lockers for stashing shoes and bags, and the facility is extremely clean, open and pleasant (this is a hard feat for an indoor playground!)The park’s mission is to provide families with a place for “Safe.Clean.Fun™” and that is exactly what Rockin’ Jump Cincinnati offers.

Rockin’ Jump Cincinnati is located at 8350 Colerain Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45239. For parents of kids 6 and under, be sure to check out Rockin’ Tots on Mondays-Saturdays from 8-10 a.m. For just $12 per parent/child couple, you’ll have access to exclusive playtime at a discounted rate (Extra kids and parents can participate, too, for an additional charge!).

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