Color By Sticker Books

By now you’re probably familiar with the coloring book craze but have you seen color by sticker books? My daughter and I are thoroughly obsessed with them and after a few weeks, we’re part way through three different books. It’s the same concept as the old paint by numbers, but you put down stickers instead of paint, which makes the process much easier. The finished pieces are quite stunning, since the geometric shapes create a three-dimensional quality.

Kids will enjoy the Paint By Sticker series for kids while older kids and adults will savor the challenge of the standard Paint By Sticker series. (I am loving the Birds book!) Don’t worry about trying to place every piece perfectly. You’ll likely end up with some white edges showing and that’s ok; you end up with a sort of mosaic quality. (See the woodpecker example below).

My favorite is Animetrics. It has a range of creatures, with both large pieces and small pieces. Something for everyone. The best part? There are colored edges around each shape, so I find it much easier to not end up with white edges in this book. I also love how the stickers aren’t shiny, which creates some lovely and subtle variations in color and light and shadow. (See the bear example above).

A fun activity for the lazy, hazy days of summer!

Find them on Amazon here.

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