Common Ground Playground

Located in Mason and serving the entire Greater Cincinnati Region, Makino Park’s Common Ground Playground offers amazing facilities and amenities for all abilities.

Common Ground Playground is an all-inclusive place where all ages can enjoy a fun day out. Different from any other playground in the region, this playground boasts an educational, interactive environment that extends beyond the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. It was designed in consultation with local parents of children with disabilities, inclusive playground manufacturers, therapists, and other professionals who work with children and adults with special needs. It’s a place where children can learn and engage while building new social and sensory skills.

mason makino playground inclusive

The playground consists of four wings: Early Childhood Wing #1, Early Childhood Wing #2, School Age Wing #1, School Age Wing #2, and a Movement and Sound area.

  • Early Childhood Wing #1 encourages sensory exploration, sound exploration, and provides the opportunity to experience the rotational pull of gravity.
  • Early Childhood Wing #2 lets children explore movement together, including the Roller Table™ and Friendship™ Swing.
  • School Age Wing #1 provides opportunities for swing and balance skill development and social gathering points for children through the Sway Fun® Glider.
  • School Age Wing #2 inspires imaginative play by helping children develop agility, balance, coordination, problem-solving, and strategic thinking skills.
  • The Movement and Sound area is an excellent place for children to explore music together and develop their upper and lower body strength. Children can also experience flying through the impressive ZipKrooz®.

Makino Park is a dream destination for families looking for a recreational and inclusive place where everyone can have fun together. Don’t miss the chance to explore this wonderful park with your loved ones and experience a culture of community wellness.

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