Coney Island Announces Monumental Re-brand

Sunlite Water Adventure will transform into a new tropical island paradise with new theming, brand new bath house, tiki bar, and a new Sunlite entrance.

Coney Island, a part of the fabric, history and charm of Cincinnati for more than 130 years, is launching a new logo and brand that inspires the spirit of play.  The new logo and tagline “Come out and play” relays the message that Coney Island is a stress-free environment where Cincinnati families can come to splash, ride, slide and play.  This brand new strategy will set the stage for the growth and development of Coney Island over the next few years.

Coney’s VP of Marketing, Sally Derrick, states, “We are thrilled to bring a new level of excitement to Coney Island.  Coney Island has been a nostalgic place for so many generations of Cincinnatians, but kids and parents today want shared experiences.  Our passion is play and we want to give families the freedom to enjoy their time together, and create their own fun naturally.”

The transformation of the Sunlite Water Adventure begins with the name and continues throughout the entire experience of the waterpark.  The makeover includes a new themed entrance area, and a new private entrance for the season pass holders.  It encompasses a new bathroom, a full-service tiki bar next to the renovated Island Shop in a theme tied into the new Typhoon Tower which was introduced last year.  Thatch huts, Caribbean inspired décor, new graphics, fencing and roof tops will turn the pool area into an island oasis that will launch May 20th for the season passholder preview party.

Sunlite Water Adventure is just the first step for the Coney Island re-brand.  We don’t want to take away from the charm of Coney but just enhance this historical park to create a family fun playground, and deliver memorable experiences for families in the Cincinnati area,” says Mike Howard, Vice President Coney Island.

Coney’s new brand strategy is all about inspiring the spirit of play, and infuses that message into the island-themed Sunlite Water Adventure that will be open to the public, along with the rest of the park, Saturday May 27th.  Season passes are now currently on the website at

About Coney Island-

Coney Island has been an entertainment icon in the Cincinnati area for generations as a place for families to go to enjoy a day out together.

Home to the largest hydro storm and recirculating swimming pool in the world, Classic Rides and other attractions, Coney Island has become a unique and nostalgic destination.

For more information on Coney Island visit or call 513-232-8320.  Located at 6201 Kellogg Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45230.

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