COVID-19 Safety, Staging, and Selling Tips for Homeowners

Over the last few weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically shifted the way we live our lives. No aspect of our routines seems to have been left untouched, and this includes the steps needed to help sell a home. If you are a home seller, you may wonder whether selling a home in this current climate is even possible? The short answer is “yes,” but doing so takes a little more research, effort, and planning. Taking these essential selling steps can also help.


Researching Your Local Housing Market Is Essential

Before you list your home, you need to research other houses that are already listed in your area. Doing so can help you make smarter decisions and create better listing photos.

Tips for Tracking Local Housing Trends

Houses Available in Dayton (Avg. Sale Price: $137K)

Listing a Home During the COVID Outbreak


Deep Cleaning Your Home Is Even More Important Now

Any listing agent will tell you that deep cleaning is always an essential staging step, but cleaning for COVID-19 involves some additional work. These cleaning resources will help you out.

Tips for Deep Cleaning a Home

Reviews of Top Cleaning Products

Home Cleaning Tips for COVID-19


Staging Your Home Is Crucial for Quality Listing Photos

Listing photos are what will attract buyers to your property, but those photos are even more important with in-person showings unavailable. Here are some staging steps you can take.

Pro Tips for Amazing Listing Photos

Staging a Home on a Budget

Top Virtual Staging Apps


Showing Your Home Can Be Made Safe with Virtual Tools

If you clicked through the links above, you already know how virtual apps can help stage your home, but you can also use similar tools to show your home without sacrificing safety.

How to Create 3D Maps for Listings

Virtual Home Tours in the Real Estate Market

How to Create a Virtual Tour of Your Home


Negotiating with Buyers and Agents Is Easier with Tech

You may not be able to meet face to face with realtors and buyers, but there are a few free conferencing tools that can make connecting and negotiating just as effective.

Best Paid and Free Video Conferencing Software

Tips for Using Video Conferencing Tools

Video Conferencing Best Practices for Real Estate


Selling a home shouldn’t cause you any undue stress, but doing so during a global crisis can come with some added challenges. By arming yourself with the resources mentioned in this seller’s guide, you will be better prepared to face those challenges and avoid added tension.


Author: Alice Robertson

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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