Crazy Cardboard Regatta

This past weekend we decided to check out the Crazy Cardboard Regatta, an annual event here in Cincinnati. It was so inspiring to see the creative “boats” that people entered, and so fun to watch the racing and witness the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat (and sinking in some cases). The best part? Both adults and kids took part in the building and racing. What a great way for family and friends to work together on something and to experience firsthand the exciting outcome!

Themes included the traditional People’s Choice, Judge’s Choice and Titanic (Best Sinking!) as well as new categories including: “Will That Boat Float”, King Neptune, Best Team Spirit and The Whole Package. The highlight? A five-person boat that included a guy dressed as the Statue of Library who stood atop a tiny cardboard perch! Talk about a feat of engineering. They qualified for the final but took in too much water on the last turn before the finish and Lady Liberty toppled into the water amidst the cheers!

It definitely had us considering an entry for next year. Time to stock up on cardboard!

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