Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

If I had to venture a guess, I’m betting that some of us will be doing some gift wrapping this weekend! For some, it will be high fives for getting it all wrapped. But if you’re looking to kick your gift wrapping up a notch, then this post is for you.

Check out Cool Mom Picks’s collection of creative ideas. Some ideas to consider:

Instead of store-bought gift wrap, use white butcher paper or brown kraft paper. Leave it plain and add bows or string, or draw on the outside or write messages all over. Or use black paper and draw with a gold or silver Sharpie marker.

Instead of store-bought bows, find creative materials to tie packages with, such as yarn, twine or string.

Use stamps on flat paper or paper bags.

Try wrapping a package in fabric.

Cover a plain wrapped package with colorful dots or other office supply stickers.

Attach black and white family photos to the outside of packages.

Paint a small animal figurine in a solid color then glue it to the lid of a gift box.

Wrap a gift in maps or pages from an atlas.

Cut monograms out of card stock and attach to your packages.

Glue or tie natural found objects such as sticks, pinecones or evergreen boughs or use artificial flowers or nature objects from a craft store.

Put a gift card in an upside down jar and turn the jar into a snow globe using water and glitter.

Make paper snowflakes and tape them to your packages.

Make unusual gift tags, such as the tree slice shown above.

There’s nothing like making someone feel special and loved even before they open their gift — now that’s the holiday spirit!


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