Eight creative ways to reveal the gender of your baby

It’s one of the most anticipated questions during pregnancy: is it a boy or a girl? From the moment those two pink lines hit the stick, gender is on the minds of expectant parents, families and friends. Whether you’re feeling tickled pink or true blue, check out these ideas for creative and fun ways to reveal the gender of your baby!

1. Balloon box

Let your news float out with pink or blue balloons. Tuck helium-filled balloons in a large cardboard box and tape the top to keep them hidden from view. When it’s time for the big moment, open the box to let the balloons reveal your baby’s gender. The balloons also serve as the perfect party decoration (in the right shade of baby too!)

2. Scratch-off cards

Feeling lucky? Scratch-off cards are another fun way to share the secret. Similar to lottery tickets, these cards cover the baby’s gender with a silver coating. Before the big scratch, ask party goers to place bets on what they predict and then scratch away to find out if it’s a boy or a girl. Those who guessed correctly can win a small prize or just bragging rights! Scratch-off cards can be purchased at party supply stores or through Etsy.com.

3. Silly string

For an outdoor party, silly string is a vibrant way to go public with your baby’s gender. Purchase either blue or pink silly string and wrap brown Kraft paper around each can to hide the color. On the count of three, ask guests to spray their cans of silly string together to learn if it’s a boy or girl. This idea is especially fun for siblings or younger guests at the party.

4. Scavenger hunt

A hunt for the baby’s gender is a playful way to get everyone involved in the big news. Divide party guests into two teams to compete in the gender game. Clues, hints or even gender-specific riddles will help each team discover whether to expect a boy or girl.

5. Sweet treat

Cakes and cupcakes are a sweet way to announce who is on the way. Looking to be surprised as well? Ask the sonogram tech to place the baby’s gender inside a sealed envelope and bring it to a bakery. Have the cake or cupcakes designed with pink or blue frosting hidden inside. Find out the news with your guests and the surprise will be twice as sweet!

6. Special arrival donut

Celebrate the baby’s reveal with co-workers and a dozen donuts from Krispy Kreme. These custom chocolate glazed donuts are filled with either blue or pink cream and can be ordered in advance at a local Krispy Kreme shop.

7. Lollipop surprise

Kids want to know whether to expect a little brother or sister, too! Blindfold your youngster and give them either a pink or blue sucker. Have your camera ready when they pop out their treat to learn who is on the way!

8. Cute clothesline

Hanging little boy or girl clothing items on a clothesline is a charming way to share the big moment. A pink tutu, a small bow-tie or even a onesie proclaiming the gender is both decorative and effortless when it comes to sharing the news.  And, this idea is quite resourceful since the clothes will soon be put to good use!

Finding out if your future includes a little boy or little girl is one of the biggest surprises you will ever experience – have fun sharing this special news with your friends and family!

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