Dare to Think Different with Excellent Early-Childhood Education

According to a 2008 publication from the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University, “The emotional and physical health, social skills and cognitive-linguistic capacities that emerge in the early years are all-important prerequisites for success in school, and later, in the workplace and community.”

The Chai Tots Early Childhood Center in Mason recognizes that and has created an enriched community through a unique blend of Jewish and Montessori education. It offers strong academics stressing life skills, interpersonal relationship skills, and nurtures a love for life-long learning. The school customizes a curriculum for each student presented in expansive naturally lit rooms, with a low student-teacher ratio.

“If you do a quick [online] search, you will find studies show that the early-childhood years—from an educational standpoint, and from a psychology and brain developmental one—are a very formative time,” says Rochel Kalmanson, Director of Education for Chai Tots. “It is a window in time when a child’s emotional and social development is happening.

Chai Tots Early Childhood CenterChai Tots serves students ages 6 weeks – 6 years, offering year-round infant care, toddler and preschool programs, and Kindergarten. It has a flexible “design-your-own-schedule,” webcams, music, Art, after-school enrichment and a “drop off” sitting service in a convenient location.

“The parents who come through our doors are knowledgeable consumers, well aware of developmentally appropriate practices,” says Dr. Karen Kissel, a renowned expert in childhood development and Principal at Chai Tots. “Ours is a school that hones the child’s development across the spectrum—emotional, motor, cognitive and spiritual.”

“Each of us is a total being,” she explains, “with our body, mind and emotions all working in sync. Our educators look at each child as a holistic being, and hone their skills and development across the spectrum.”

To learn more or to schedule your personal tour and experience this gem for yourself, visit ChaiTots.com or call 513.234.0600.

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