Dig ‘N Play

Located in West Chester, Dig ‘N Play is not your average indoor playground. From its three-story play structure and inflatables to the kid-propelled trains and large dramatic play area, everything about Dig ‘N Play is extra. When I visit an indoor playground, I want my kids to have options — and Dig ‘N Play has options.


True to its name, Dig ‘N Play also features a massive, custom-built, sand table. I don’t know what it is about sand, and digging… but my kids could dig all day. We have kinetic sand at home, but I kind of hate getting it out… because no matter what, there’s always a mess. Dig ‘N Play’s sand table is reminiscent of the water play area at the Duke Energy Children’s Museum: there are lots of places for kids to stand and play, step stools for to provide little kids an extra boost, and plenty of toys to go around. Having a dedicated space for kids to dig — and not make a mess at home — is amazing!


While indoor playgrounds are always fun for kids, they’re not generally not any parent’s favorite place to go. Dig ‘N Play is the exception; this indoor playground was truly designed with parents in mind. From the private nursing room to the freshly brewed coffee (you’ll find coffee from local roaster Seven Hills on tap!), to its aesthetically pleasing color and design and not to mention the WINE, Dig ‘N Play is a place parents will actually want to hang out.

I’d say the target age range at Dig ‘N Play is 8 and under — my 18 month old and 5 year old loved everything, eagerly running from station to station. But that being said, I know my nearly 9 year old would still get a kick out of the sand play area. And what kid doesn’t love inflatables?

Dig ‘N Play is open six days a week (closed Sundays for private parties), and is very reasonably priced. Admission for kids 3 and up is $12, and $8 for 2 and under.

Dig ‘N Play is a great spot to the indoor playground scene in Cincinnati. In addition to being a wonderful and imaginative space for kids to run free, Dig ‘N Play is an inviting place for parents to relax and reconnect.

Dig ‘N Play is located at 9405 Cincinnati Columbus Rd. in West Chester. For more information, visit Dig ‘N Play’s website or Facebook page.

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