Dinosaurs of Antarctica Coming to the Cincinnati Museum Center October 2022

Opening October 14

Dinosaurs have never been cooler.

Venture into one of the most isolated environments on Earth on a journey into the unexpected. Uncover never-before-seen dinosaur fossils buried beneath snow and ice in Dinosaurs of Antarctica: The Exhibition.

Travel back 200 million years to ancient Antarctica, a land of lush woodland, teeming with prehistoric beasts. Discover fossils from four Antarctic dinosaur species, including the fierce 25-foot long Cryolophosaurus, and take discovery into your own hands as you use real tools to learn how paleontologists carefully extracted fossils from the now frozen landscape.

As you travel between past and present, gain an understanding of the tough working conditions for intrepid scientists who continue to explore the vast continent today and learn how research of these fossils sheds new light on our planet’s ever-changing climate and geology.

Dinosaurs of Antarctica: The Exhibition opens October 14, 2022. The exhibition is included with admission.

See these Antarctic dinosaurs in action with Omnimax

Dinosaurs of Antarctica: The OMNIMAX® Film surrounds you in the forests of ancient Antarctica as dinosaurs thunder across the landscape on the towering OMNIMAX® screen.

CMC dino

Museum Admission

Includes Cincinnati History Museum, Museum of Natural History & Science and The Children’s Museum

Adult: $16.50
Seniors: $12.50
Ages 3-12: $12.50
Member Adult:
Member Child:

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