DIY Father’s Day Beach Towel

We’re just a few days away from Father’s Day and our kiddos are over the same traditional gift giving of tool sets and gift cards. Dad loves a personalized gift from his little ones but Shutterfly shipping is just not going to cut it.

Beat the heat and keep the kiddos busy with a fun indoor Father’s Day project!

You’ll need only a few inexpensive supplies:

-Towel of your choosing (preferably 100% cotton, we used this one

-Any dye kit or RIT dye

-Duct or Painters tape

-Spray Bottle, we like to reuse from under our kitchen sink!

-Plastic tablecloth to protect under the towel

Beach towels are generally larger than bath towels so keep that in mind when purchasing. We didn’t mind a traditional length and Target never does us wrong. The plushier the cotton, the more the dye will hold.

Start out with a clean space for your towel to lay flat. A plastic dollar store table cloth is perfect to keep dye off your surfaces.

The younger ones will need your help here with taping down the name or design. For our project, we are sending off a lovely pool basket to Pappaw. Grandparents really only want things from their grandkids anyways, right?

Now for the fun part! Follow your dye kit instructions closely. We had spare RIT dye from a previous project so we went with an ombré navy blue design. You could do rainbow, two tone, three tone… whatever the father figure in your life may love!

Note: It’s important to spray color heavily around the tape, this will cause a distinct difference in the coloring once you pull off the taped design.


It’s best recommended to let your dye air dry before pulling off the tape and rinsing. We waited around an hour before popping it into the washer by itself, on cold, with no detergent. The dye will fade slightly into your lettering but don’t fret- it’s much much lighter than the rest of the towel. We did a second cycle in the washer with detergent, just to be sure our towel was well rinsed.

For less than $15, you can have a fun Fathers Day project whipped up in under two hours!

If you had as much fun as us, you may realize this is such an easy craft for family and friends. We already have big plans to play around with fun colors and personalize beach towels for the entire family!

Take a break from the gift giving stress, have fun with your kiddos and melt Dad’s heart with a personalized gift from his babies!

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