Drop-ins for a DIY Tubing Trip on the River

River levels are perfect for a day of tubing on the river! Drop in at one of these locations and enjoy a few hours floating along with family and friends.

Tips for a Safe Tube Trip

-Know the river before you go and check river levels here
-Always wear life jackets
-Pack plenty of water, snacks, sunscreen and a first aid kit
-Consider your child’s abilities before tubing, young children should stay home or sit with parents in a canoe.

DIY Drop-ins

For these do-it-yourself drop in locations, bring your own tubes and life jackets for easy put in and take out. Simply park a car at your end point to have transportation back or arrange for pick up.

Bass Island to Otto Armleder

The drop in at Bass Island is a family favorite for its easy walk down to the river. On the other side of the Little Miami from 50 West, parking is plentiful and an easy, short trip down to the Otto Armleder river outlook and canoe launch.

Avoca Park to Magrish Preserve 

On the Little Miami Scenic Trail, ride your bike down to Avoca Park with tube in tow. The river access at Avoca is great for swimming and relaxing, as the river runs slower through this stretch. Simply stay at Avoca or float down to Magrish Preserve, right after Otto Armleder and before the Ohio River.
whitewater tube rental

Jim Terrell to Bass Island

Perfect for families wanting to grab a bite to eat before or after their trip. Across from Little Miami Brewing, the drop in at Jim Terrell is easily accessible and getting an upgrade! Float on down to Bass Island where 50 West’s menu consists of delicious burgers, milkshakes and fries (get the fry sauce!).

Carl Rahe Park to Nisbet Park

The river launch at Carl Rahe in Maineville is mostly gravel and easy to put in. Nisbet in Loveland is a family favorite park for its large playground and many local eateries. Pull out at Nisbet and grab an icy treat from the Loveland Trailside Ice Shack.

Liveries with Tube Rentals

Let someone else do all the work! These liveries offer tube rentals with transportation to your drop in destination.

Morgan’s Outdoor Adventures, Brookville

Bring your own tube or rent a single or double tube for a 2.5-4 hour trip down the Whitewater River. The Upper River Float Trip is for tubes only, avoid the kayakers and canoeists on this calm 5 mile trip. For families with children, raft rentals seats 4 up to 10 on the seven mile trip only.
morgans tubing

Whitewater Canoe Rental, Brookville

Offering tube rentals for adults or children can ride free in a canoe with two paying adults. Whitewater Canoe Rental also offers trips for youth on Brookville Lake for a calmer experience.

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