Early Learning and Beyond at Bishop Leibold School

At Bishop Leibold School, we believe that your student’s early learning experience sets the stage for their educational future! That is why you will find us in our classrooms working on engaging, hands-on, fun learning activities with our students.

Early Learning for 3 and 4 year olds

Our preschool and pre-k programs are inspired by the internationally acclaimed Reggio Emilia model (Italy), which features nature, art, and experiential learning. You will find students working in centers such as dramatic play, art, music, library, writing, and sensory. Students participate in large and small group activities, outdoor play, Bible stories, and daily prayer.

Our three-year-old program (preschool) is offered to families five days a week for half of the day. Students may also register for a partial-week option. Our four-year-old program (pre-k) is offered to families five days a week for a full school day. Students can also register for a half-day or partial-week option. 

Reggio Emilia A Hands On Approach

Bishop Leibold School is thrilled to be implementing the second year of a Reggio Emilia inspired preschool and pre-k curriculum. This model, which comes out of Italy, allows students to be exposed to experiential learning, problem-solving, nature, and art influenced curriculum. One of the unique components of this way of teaching is how we choose to view the child. Children are seen as competent, capable and full of curiosity and potential. Another main part of the philosophy is that the teacher and the children are both researchers and the teachers guide the children rather than lead the children. Children express their ideas, voice their questions and concerns and are seen as citizens with rights. The start our students get in preschool and pre-k lends itself extremely well to the outstanding STEM program that students begin in kindergarten.

Kindergarten-8th grade

Students continue their education at Bishop Leibold through 8th-grade! Bishop Leibold currently offers half and full-day kindergarten programs.  Students begin their STEM education in kindergarten as well! Bishop Leibold has received the State’s top recognition for STEM for 10 consecutive years, the only elementary school to do so.

It is our job to create life-long learners who love school.  We follow the standards set forth by the State of Ohio and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.  We enhance the learning of our students with field trips, special programs, and visitors.  Through our focus on differentiated instruction, we are able to help all students excel through interventions tailored for each student’s needs.

Registration for the 2021-2022 school year is open! For more information or to schedule a tour visit bishopleibold.org or call us at 937-866-3021

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