Eden Park Playground

If you enter Eden Park, drive around the roundabout, up the hill and about a half mile past Krohn Conservatory, you’ll come to an overlook where you can see views of the Ohio River and Kentucky that are so gorgeous, there are almost always professional photographers taking wedding, engagement, family and newborn pictures there. In fairness, this overlook is also wildly popular because of the park it adjoins, complete with a bridge, duck pond, sculptures, statues and lush, mature trees.

Because of how beautiful this part of Eden Park is, it’s easy to miss the playground that’s on your way in. It’s also easy to overlook the playground because it’s built with natural-colored materials and comprised of earthy, forest-y structures.

That’s the best way to explain this unique, gem-of-a-playground. From a faux tree house to rope bridges, branch-rung ladders to tree trunk steps, this playground is like no other in the area.

eden park collage

There are also lots of swings,both  swirly and tunnel slides and rocks, ropes and “trees” to climb.

Afterwards, explore the surrounding trails and throw rocks in the lake. Follow the ducks around. Go to the overlook and see how many boats, barges and water vehicles you can spy (this was a big hit with Julian!). There are a lot of things to do at this corner of Eden Park!

We’ve had absolutely gorgeous fall weather here in Cincinnati — so hit up this beautiful playground before it gets too cold!

Eden Park is located at 950 Eden Park Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45202.

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