Elf on a Shelf

When the fear of Santa is no longer enough motivation to discourage sibling squabbles, there is another tool in the Christmas season arsenal: Elf on a Shelf.

Our elf appeared mysteriously on a shelf in our living room last week. We only noticed him after finding a book on the coffee table explaining his purpose. Basically here’s his deal:

-He watches everything, but doesn’t talk

-He flies back to the North Pole every night to report to Santa

-He returns the next morning in a different spot in your house

And, the most important rule:

-DON’T touch the elf! His magic might be ruined if you do.

In our house, the elf has definitely made…an impact. The first night, everyone was in awe and VERY well-behaved. (Yessss…)

The second night, Calvin tried to DEACTIVATE the elf by touching him, out of fear that the elf had witnessed some behavior Santa would certainly deem “naughty.” Clara was devastated that the elf magic had been threatened. “The book only says his magic MIGHT disappear,” I tried to reassure her.

Sure enough, he did manage to reappear – this time behind a set of miniature drums. Later in the day we found our elf slumped back in his seat behind the tiny drum set, like a rock star who had a little too much fun at the gig. (That one I truly can’t explain…Ian?)

Suspicions were raised when the elf failed to eat the treat the kids left out for him with a note one night. “I know it’s you guys moving him!” challenged Calvin.

“Well, maybe he just doesn’t like pretzels and chocolate?” I suggested. Following a cue from the movie, “Elf,” Clara tried candy canes the next night. At 2:30am, I woke up to a scream. “MOM!!!!!” Clara’s little feet pounded across the floor into our room. “I see the elf!! I can see him from my bed!” As I started to tell her to go back to sleep, we heard her feet thumping down the stairs. “I have to see if he ate the snack this time!”

She checked the plate by the light of the Christmas tree. Only a tiny bite of candy cane remained. “HE ATE IT!!” she reported to the entire sleepy house.

Only 11 more days until Christmas.

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