Parcours and Play at Embshoff Woods

Tucked away on the West Side, off the beaten path, on a road you could easily miss, is Embshoff Woods.

It’s in the camp of newer playgrounds that’s all about getting kids to climb and interact with the play structure. There are tons of ropes, tunnels and things to climb. The main play structure is like one big puzzle for kids to interact with. Kids can climb the various types of “stairs,” hanging on the different types of ropes and bouncing on the nontraditional see saw.

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There are plenty of swings for both little and big kids, plus a whole separate structure with a rock wall, slides and various steps.

Instead of turf or mulch, the playground’s floor is recycled rubber “mulch,” which is great for cushioning falls, mud-free fun and also great at soaking up the sun to keep you warm.

The fitness trail is located close to the playground, which means you can easily make both parcours and play part of your visit. The trail winds through the shaded, picturesque nature preserve, with 18 fitness activities along the way.

With warm weather on the horizon, Embshoff Woods should definitely be part of your Great Parks rotation.

Embshoff Woods is located at 4050 Paul Road, Delhi Township, OH 45238. Admission is free with your Great Parks Motor Vehicle Permit ($10/year).

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