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creativities main_textLet’s talk about the weather for a bit, shall we?

It’s been awful lately. Rainy. Wet. Chilly.

So, we’ve been inside, doing lots and lots of crafts. Which, not only gets expensive — but goodness, is it messy. Paint on the table. Crayons on the cabinets. Glue on the chairs. Cut-up pieces of paper in the carpet. Googly eyes stuck on shirt sleeves and pant legs. Glitter on the couch (and pretty much everywhere.)

That’s why I love Creativities.

Located in Downtown Madeira, Creativities is art studio just for kids. They offer classes and camps, and, my personal favorite: Open Studio.

Open Studio is awesome. It’s like having a craft store at your fingertips — there’s stuff to paint, clay to mold, scrapbook pages to collage. Mod Podge, model clay and acrylic paints of every color and hue.

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The first time we went, we did a Mother’s Day handprint craft for Grandma. My kids all did handprints on a large canvas. We’ve also made flowers out of modeling clay. A pencil case for daddy with clay shapes glued on all sides. Painted dinosaurs. Homemade gift wrap.

painting a dino

The assistants at Creativities are so nice — they help me wrangle my kids and assist with every part of the process. It’s so nice having someone help out with everything! And, when someone inevitably spills paint or smears mod podge on a chair, they just smile and help you clean up. It’s amazing!

I am admittedly a bit of a clean freak. I want to let my kids be creative, and know how good it is for them — but I get an ulcer watching them do it at home. So being able to go somewhere where the kids can imagine and create and MAKE A MESS, is kind of the best thing ever.

J painting

The studio fee is $10/child, plus whatever materials the kids use (paint is free, but the clay/pencil case/bird house they choose to work with, is not). For this reason, Creativities is kind of a “special treat” in our house. But, considering how much materials can cost, plus the fact that you get a personal helper AND don’t have to dirty your own house, it’s a small price to pay.

craft 1

If you want to do a “mini” craft, head to the Madeira Outdoor Farmers Market on Thursdays (starting this week!). Creativities has a booth at the market, and for a few dollars, you kid can make a different craft each week.

Creativities is located at 7010 Miami Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45243.


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