End of Summer Van Cleanout

Now that school started back up again, it seemed like a good time to finally clean out my van.

As I dug through the all the trash I found some interesting items…

-Smoothie cups from the multiple Costco trips ($1.50 for a smoothie that can be split between all three kids is the best “bang for your buck” bribe I’ve found).

-Empty Push Pop cylinders from the play dates at the neighbor’s house (sometimes I think my kids mainly want to go there for the junk food).

-Three fireman hats from a road trip food stop at Firehouse Subs.

-Empty goody bags and broken noisemakers from birthday parties we attended.

-Pamphlets from the kids’ trip to the zoo.

-A parking pass from a downtown baseball game, where admission was free, but to make up for it we purchased one of everything from the concession stand that night.

-Several (meaning at least 15) sucker sticks from trips to the bank.

-Wristbands for the free babysitting at the community center, the only place that kept me sane over the summer.

-One small green plastic harmonica. Grandparents strike again.

-A swimming pool squirt gun. We don’t have a pool.

-An American flag. Not sure about this one.

-A gigantic bottle of bug spray.

-A hot pink My Little Pony extra head of hair, kind of like a weave, I guess.

-Stuff I must have let the kids bring in the van in moments of weakness like sheets of stickers, rainbow loom rubber bands and many, many Lego pieces.

-A not so small pile of sand from the beach.

-A few empty cans of LaCroix sparkling water (the only nonalcoholic beverage I drink besides coffee and water).

A carabiner (apparently we were planning to summit Everest this summer too).

Two sunscreen bottles, one full, one empty.

5 shoes, all belonging to the Blonde Bomber.

Some people may look at my van and see it as a heap of trash, I on the other hand, like to think of it as a scrapbook of our summer. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.


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