Enter to Win a HABA USA Baby Bundle ($100 Value!)

Enter to Win a HABA USA Baby Bundle ($100 Value!)







HABA USA Horse Bluey

Clippity-clop, clippity-clop! Bluey the Horse comes galloping along! On his back, dolls can ride around your children’s room. What’s more, this horse is a cuddly and loyal playmate for all children. Kids can stand it on the wheeled board supplied and pull it along behind them, even if they are still at the crawling stage.

MSRP: $37.99/ Ages: 18 months

HABA USA Baby Photo Album Playmates

Look who is smiling there! Be it mom, dad sisters or brothers…children find their own family very exciting! Of course, they are happy with photos of animals and other things. Thanks to its sliding pockets, this album can be arranged over and over again. This means it stays interesting and offers a lot of possibilities to talk about small world discoveries.  *This photo album allows for eight 4×6 photos to be arranged*

MSRP: $21.99/ Ages: 12 months

HABA USA Little Frog Water Play Mat

Try something new during tummy time with the new Water play mat Little Frog from HABA! A quality stitched, friendly frog is set overtop a mat filled with water and fun shapes that move and float around in his belly. The water-filled mat is coated with a soft removable fabric made of polyester which is machine washable. The fabric ensures babies are comfortable lying down. Easy to fill safety relief valve included. Item sold empty, should be filled with distilled water by consumer. The outer shell is made of machine washable polyester and the inner sac is made of BPA-free plastic (phthalate-free PVC).

MSRP: $24.99/ Ages: 6 months +

HABA USA Gallivanting Goose Cuddly

Gallivanting Goose softly nestles on your baby’s cheeks. She will help them fall asleep, and comforts them when teething.

Ages: 6 months +/ MSRP: $19.99





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