Explore Ancient Egypt at Cincinnati Museum Center

This spring, explore Ancient Egypt at Cincinnati Museum Center!

Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs just opened at the CMC and is one of the most extraordinary exhibitions to ever come to Cincinnati. This exhibit has never been shown in the US, and is making its first stop in Cincinnati. Egypt is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

This brand-new exhibit unveils the mysteries and explores the realities of daily life in Ancient Egypt, through the perspective of popular culture and history. The exhibit hosts more than 350 original artifacts dating back over 4,500 years, and wandering through Egypt is truly a humbling experience. 

When we think of Ancient Egypt, we of course envision the god-like pharaohs, and this exhibit doesn’t disappoint. There are six pharaohs presented in Egypt, and it’s fascinating to learn about these historical figures and their dynasties. Whatever expectations you may have of this time — pyramids, Pharaohs, mummies — will be exceeded by this exhibit.

Among the featured artifacts in Egypt are the sphinx head of the pharaoh Hatshepsut, the longest-ruling female pharaoh; the mummy of Ta-khar, a perfectly preserved mummy of a wealthy elderly woman from Thebes; and a papyrus with a scene from the Book of the Dead. Egypt covers 15,000 square feet of Museum Center space, and it really immerses you in the period.

Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs also features incredibly detailed models of once-lost cities, landscapes and pyramids — which my architecture-loving second grader found so inspiring. (These models are next-level dioramas, and are beautiful works of art in their own right.)

While Egypt is an extensive and visually stunning exhibit with “hands off” areas, there are plenty of interactive elements to keep younger visitors’ attention. Streetscapes have buttons that illuminate different areas; touch screens allow you to learn and practice hieroglyphics; video elements (including a 3D hologram of a mummy) enhance each exhibition room. Julian, who at eight is an avid reader, illustrator and story teller, was fascinated by the language of hieroglyphics, and really enjoyed drawing his own.

Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs does what the Cincinnati Museum Center does best: it brings to life an abstract concept in the most accessible and exciting way. In Egypt, the 5,000-year-old land of pharaohs and pyramids comes to life at CMC, putting history and modern life in a striking dialogue that will inspire audiences of all ages. At Cincinnati Museum Center, the wide and wonderful world is literally within reach.

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