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Over spring break, my seven-year-old explored the Australian Outback. And then, two days later, he ventured into the African Savannah.

No, we weren’t jet setting around the world — we were simply reading the “Let’s Visit” series by Curious Kids Press. Kids can explore the world with Curious Kids Press, all from Cincinnati!

Let’s face it: exploring the continent isn’t the most feasible (or affordable!) for families with young kids. But the world is a big, beautiful place, and I want my kids to know about it. Kids are naturally curious and have so many questions, and as a parent, you want to do your best to nurture your kids’ love for learning.

Julian is 7 and asks a lot of questions. So when I discovered Curious Kids Press, I saw a way to open up the world for him – through books! Curious Kids Press specializes in non-fiction books for kids who love to read. The company specializes in books designed to help young explorers expand and enhance their knowledge and awareness of countries and cultures around the world. “A Kid’s Guide to…” series is for ages 9-12 and features books on Ancient Egypt, Australia, China, Costa Rica, England, France, Kenya, Thailand and South America. The “Let’s Visit…” series is aimed at kids 5-8 and explores Costa Rica, Australia, China and Africa.

Julian eagerly read up on Australia and Africa and had a lot of facts and tidbits to share! He reads before bed and when he wakes up, and couldn’t put these books down. These books are magazine-sized with nice, thick pages, and contain a great balance of text and imagery. Each book is narrated by a kid and animal sidekick, which makes them fun and accessible for little readers!

In fact, my 3 year old loves flipping through these books, too — the beautiful pictures and fun illustrations make them accessible for younger kids, too. And the cover and pages are extra durable for little page-turning hands.

As summer approaches and we start thinking of ways to incorporate learning into our kids’ routines, I’ll definitely be looking to Curious Kids Press. Taking (vicarious) trips to these fascinating continents was thrilling for Julian – and he’s eager to explore the rest of the series!

For more information on Curious Kids Press, visit their website here.

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