Family Feud

What do you do when of your kids does not get along with one of your friend’s kids?

We are currently faced with this situation and aren’t exactly sure what to do.

We have three kids and our friends have three kids. All the kids, except the oldest from each family (ages 6 and 7) get along great. The two oldest, simply do not play well together, at all.

We had their kids over yesterday to give the parents a little break and it was a disaster. Things were fine for the first half-hour or so, then the downward spiral began.

In the end there was a lot of screaming, finger pointing and some extreme mean mugging. We tried to make peace with everyone over some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches but that didn’t really help either. I’ve never had a problem that couldn’t be solved with a PBJ before so now I’m baffled.

Since the four younger kids get along it will be easy for them to play together while the big kids are in school, so at least we have that going for us. Other than that, I don’t think we should stop hanging out with our friends just because a couple of the kids don’t get along, but, at the same time it’s not much fun dealing with extreme girl drama all the time either.

Suggestions appreciated.


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