Fun with Giant Jenga

After seeing oversized yawn versions of some of the traditional tabletop games like Checkers, Chess, Jenga and Connect Four I knew I had to get in on the action. So when my in-laws asked what I wanted last Christmas I said what any fun-loving adult would say: Giant Jenga!

After sitting in our garage for the remainder of the winter, it made its grand debut last weekend at my family’s annual camping trip to Rocky Fork State Park, just east of Cincinnati, near Hillsboro.

To say it was fun, was, well, a giant understatement! Very quickly you realize it’s a physically active game, with lots of walking around the wood stack strategizing your next move. And if you put it on a picnic table like we did, you realize that after a few rows you have to stand on the bench to add to the top! For the magical half hour that the game lasted, the adults were smiling and laughing and playing like kids (come to think of it, the homemade sangria I also brought may have added to our fun!)

Some tips: findĀ a smooth board that you can put underneath to steady whatever surface you’re using. And you may not want to play indoors where a hardwood floor or furniture might get damaged when the large, wood blocks come tumbling down!

If you’re interested in purchasing, you’ll find several giant jenga options online. Enjoy!



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