Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

In the rush to make the turkey, clean the house or travel out of town, do you ever feel like the “thanks” in Thanksgiving gets overlooked? A couple of years ago I made an activity that helped keep the focus where it should be. I cut out a bunch of leaf shapes using construction paper, punched holes in them and tied yarn in loops. Then, before dinner, I asked everyone to write a few things they were thankful for. And then we hung them on tree branches I had placed in a vase. It was a quick and easy thing that inspired everyone to pause amidst the holiday hoopla.

Don’t feel like cutting out a bunch of leaves? Assign the task to the kids. Have them draw a tree on posterboard that the leaves can be placed on. Or simply have paper available that people can write on and share their thoughts at the table. Or even easier, simply go around the table and have each person say a few words.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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