Halloween Games

Hooray, Halloween is finally on a weekend!

If you’re hosting a Halloween party or simply looking for some fun before or after trick-or-treating, here are a few games I tested out at our own party this past weekend:

1. Doughnut Eating Contest

Find a long pole and tie doughnuts attached to string from it. Then see who can eat their doughnut the fastest, with their hands behind their back, of course!

2. Candy Corn Relay

Create two teams and hand  each kid a spoon. They must run up to a bowl of candy corn, place the spoon in their mouth and then try and scoop up the candy corn without using their hands, then run back to their team and drop the candy into another bowl or cup. The team who fills their bowl or cup wins.

3. Mummy Wrap

Create two teams and provide each with several rolls of toilet paper. Then each team designates a mummy and they see who can wrap their mummy the fastest.

4. Skeleton Scavenger Hunt

Using paper cutouts of skeletons or actual toy skeletons that come apart, each team must first find all their skeleton pieces then put them together to make an anatomically correct skeleton.

5. Pumpkin Seed Scoop

Cut out a hole from the top of a pumpkin then have kids take turns seeing how many seeds they can get out with a scoop. The person with the most seeds wins.







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