Hidden Gem: Huffman Park

My kids are always up for an adventure. On a recent weekend, we were over in Fairfield on an errand, and drove by a park that merited a second look.

A hidden gem, Huffman Park is located next to the picturesque Fairfield Greens golf course, and it’s one of the most unique playgrounds we’ve come come across!

If you aren’t looking closely, you’ll drive right by this playground, which is a fun take on a nature playscape. Its slides are built into the hillside, and there is a tunnel that literally takes kids underground. There are fun structures to climb and other playground-like features, brightly colored and spread across the park’s rolling hills.

The tunnel was the biggest hit, with my kids getting a big kick out of being underground! I’ve never seen anything quite like it before.

But it’s not the stuff that makes Huffman Park so fun – it’s actually the setting. Those rolling hills make for lots of old-fashioned fun, and my kids happily ran free and rolled down the hillsides. There is a big walking trail that circles the park, including a small lake and dock. You can see everything from the top of the playground, which makes keeping track of kids easy. We enjoyed a walk around the lake, and my kids raced back up the hillside to keep playing at the playground.

As with other playscapes, the simplicity of Huffman Park is refreshing — kids don’t need a bunch of bells and whistles to stay active and entertained. This playground is the perfect place to let your kids run wild for an afternoon — I recommend bringing lunch and eating in one of the park’s covered picnic areas!

Huffman Park is located at 2100 John Gray Road in Fairfield.

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