How to Make Your Child’s Birthday Special, in Spite of Coronavirus

COVID-19 is no fun for anyone, but it can especially be tough and disappointing for kids with birthdays during the social distancing.

Just because the birthday party had to be cancelled doesn’t mean they can’t have a birthday to remember! Here are some ideas to still make the day special for the birthday kid.



Surprise Gifts

Junction Hobbies and Toys, inside EnterTRAINment Junction in West Chester, OH, offers curbside pickup and shipping for thousands of products, including puzzles, games, Playmobil, Calico Critters, LEGO, Melissa & Doug and Star Wars products. Junction Hobbies and Toys reopened May 12 and is open daily from 10 am-6 pm. (Please know that their kid’s area, train display, and A-Maze-N Funhouse will unfortunately NOT be open until the state guidelines allow.) Call 513-898-8078 for info.

King Arthur’s Toys offers free home delivery and shipping. Call 513-531-4600 to place orders.

Blue Manatee Literacy Project‘s retail space in Oakley offers curbside pickups. Their online store remains open with 20% off your online purchase using the coupon code STAYHEALTHY.

Joseph-Beth Booksellers is doing curbside pickup, and they also offer shipping! Call 513-396-8960 for info.

Flowers and planting projects would also be a nice way to cheer up kids at home. A.J. Rahn Greenhouse and Benkens both offer curbside pickup.

Yard Decorations

Make DIY birthday signs for your birthday kid. Don’t have the boards or supplies? If you have time to allow for shipping, Oriental Trading, Amazon, and Etsy have options! Also, Card My Yard Mason and Sign Gypsies are a couple options for local companies that provide yard signs and displays.

It’s also worth contacting your local art studio to see if they can deliver or arrange a contact-free pick up for supplies.

Drive-By Car Parade 

Ask friends and family to drive by your house at a certain time. If the visiting kids have pom-poms or streamers, have them wave them outside the car to make it fun and interactive!

Notes from Neighbors

Have neighbors and loved ones come write a note for the birthday kid! Chalk drawings in the driveway or walkway will bring a smile to your child’s face. To be safe, ask them to bring their own chalk. You could also try getting your hands on some window markers or dry erase markers and have people write notes on windows.

Have a “Yes” Day

Chocolate and peanut butter roll-ups for lunch? YES. Afternoon movies in pajamas – YES! Kids will remember that more than anything.

Special Treats – Sweet and Savory 

Get your kid(s) involved. Bake together and make it fun. Use what you have! Play fun music, do video chats with family, and make it special!

Nothing Bundt Cakes–with several locations in Cincinnati including Hyde Park, Florence KY, Mason, Dayton (South)–offers delivery and curbside pickup.

Aglamesis is offering shipping, carry out and delivery at their Oakley Square and Montgomery Square locations.

Graeter’s is providing delectable ice cream cakes or pies, along with pints. Be sure to call ahead. Order here.

Explore contact-free takeout to make the birthday meal special. Give your kid’s favorite restaurant a call to see if they’re still open for takeout. Most kids dig pizza. Check out this recent blog here on which local pizza spots are offering DIY pizza kits

ZOOM or Video Call Date

Schedule as many ZOOM or video call dates as you can – with classmates, family and friends. You can ask friends and family to participate in an activity of your child’s choice, whether that’s a specific costume theme, reading a story, etc.

Blissful Backyard 

With a little ambient lighting, you can turn your backyard into something magical! Borrow a movie projector and project a movie in the backyard. Or, if possible, stream a memory slideshow. Perhaps build a backyard fire, make s’mores and enjoy each other’s companies.


if you have access to balloons, have fun with them. Let them play balloon volleyball and get crazy! Kids love balloons — even teenagers tend to get into the fun!

Decorate their Bedroom Door 

Use whatever you have! Post-it notes with all the reasons you love your child, fun pictures of their favorite characters, streamers and balloons – anything.

Slumber Party

Perhaps have a tent in the backyard and camp out for your child’s birthday. Too cold? Set it up indoors! What kid doesn’t love a living room campsite?

Make Presents Fun!

Build a scavenger hunt around the house and/or yard for presents to make it even more exciting! You could also do a birthday party build up and let your child open presents for the week leading up to their actual birthday.

Join a club

Looking for that extra special Birthday Experience? Join EnterTRAINment Junction’s all new Birthday Club!  Your child will receive an exclusive invitation to visit EnterTRAINment Junction’s Hobby Shop on or around their Birthday.  During this special visit the birthday child will get to select a special Birthday gift from our VSBS (very special birthday section)!  Join the EnterTRAINment Junction Birthday Club now!

Johnny’s Toys Birthday Club — Remember Johnny’s Toys? By far, one of the most popular traditions of Johnny’s Toys was the Birthday Club.  Customers could register their children’s name and birthday with the store and when their birthday was near, they would receive a card in the mail with a key.  This key would allow them to open the door to the castle and pick a toy from inside the castle. Tech Club restarted this tradition a few years ago — sign your kiddo up here.

King Arthur’s Court also offers a special discount for each of your kids birthdays — sign up on their website!

Do you have an idea or COVID-19 birthday idea or story to tell? Share it with us at

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