Hubbard Swim School: Head to the pool with lots of new skills to practice!

Our programs are internationally recognized. With 20 years of experience teaching learn-to-swim to young children starting as early as 2 months we are excited to introduce you to our world. Come learn how to acclimate your child to the water, encourage underwater play, teach confidence and reinforce great skills.  Spend a half hour once a week with us and go home and splash, play, learn.

Safety Starts Here!

We love teaching and working with every student that enters our doors. Everyday there is a new success story, a new smile, a frightened child that begins to understand the aquatic world. We work to build smiles, confidence and success.

Our half-an-hour, once-a-week, swim lesson philosophy works! We love to see the swimmers who consistently attend their weekly class become comfortable, confident and skilled in the water.

The Details

Indoor 90-degree pool located in Kids First Center on E. Kemper Rd. & Reed Hartman Hwy.

Learn to swim with us!

Classes 7 days a week.  Check out our website to register and for more details.

Baby Splash    (8 weeks thru 5 months)
  • FREE for students with their parent.  Limited enrollment.
  • Splash, Play and Learn how to introduce your little one to the water.
Little Snapper Classes  (6 months thru 35 months)
  • Students with their parents learn comfort in and under the water, safety skills to swim-float-swim, and progress to independence in the water.
Group Classes (3 to 12 yr)
  • Very beginners thru squads. Learn all 4 competitive strokes with us. Learn comfort and build confidence as you progress thru our learn=to-swim system.

For more information, visit or call 513.530.0123

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