I had very low expectations going to the two year old story time at the library. I thought there would maybe be one or two other children and a parent volunteer reading a book aloud to the kids. Instead, we were greeted by the children’s librarian and sent to a private room filled with small children and parents. I took a quick head count once story time started, there were twelve moms and dads and over 20 kids. The theme for the week was Earth Day. The librarian led the kids through songs while teaching the kids how to use sign language. She read aloud books, taught the kids specific vocabulary words that went along with the stories and had a neat project for the kids to do at the end. The kids used contact paper, tissue paper and scissors to make their own planet Earth. All the kids and parents had a great time. If you are ever looking for something to do with your kids on a Thursday morning, I recommend story time at the College Avenue branch of the Marion County Public Library System. Happy Parenting! -Pete

A couple of Fridays ago, we were visiting Amanda’s dad. He had surgery the day before and we went to his house to see if there was any way we could help.

As I was upstairs putting Maggie down for a nap I heard a loud thud. Henry bumped into a glass topped end table, which caused the top to fall and land on his big toe. In an instant we went from the people that were there to help a situation to the people needing help.

Initially we thought about taking him to the ER, but decided to ice it, and keep Henry off his feet. All weekend long Henry hobbled around the house, walking on the side of his foot. His foot was not improving on its own.

Monday we went to the Pediatrician, she sent us to X-ray, back to the Pediatrician, finally to a Pediatric Orthopedic specialist.

The doctor said Henry had a fractured big toe and put him in a “walking boot.”

I expected the boot to slow Henry down, but I was wrong. I thought about writing the manufacturer of the boot, telling them to reconsider the term “walking boot.” My son proved you can clearly run full speed while wearing a walking boot.

I’m sure the boot helped him heal, but it also made him more dangerous than ever. Within a day of having the boot, Henry stepped on my foot, splitting my toenail into three pieces. Later that day he rolled over on the floor and (accidentally) kicked me so hard in the shin, it felt like I’d been hit with a hammer.

The other day, at a local park, my wife caught Henry following bigger kids up a tree. He was climbing a tree in his walking boot! Maybe he thought the boot gave him superpowers?

Two weeks have passed, the walking boot is no longer needed. Henry’s foot finally healed. Hopefully my toe and shin will soon be fully healed as well.

Happy Parenting!


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