Improve the Dynamic of Your Family Life

Do you ever wonder how to help your child thrive and bloom into a strong adult? Do you wish you knew the tips and tricks great teachers use to create calm classrooms? Have you dreamed that you had a parent coach on call? 


Renee, the founder of Child in Bloom, can teach you how to create action-oriented goals for your family. Together she will help you shift your parenting, and then you’ll see new, positive behaviors from your child. One step at a time, you will improve the dynamic of your family life. Renee’s goal is to empower you by sharing and teaching you about new tools to make your family thrive.


    • Renee Mattson has worked privately with more than 1,000 families of toddlers to teens and every age in between over the last 8 years.
    • She is a veteran educator with 25 years in the field of education.
    • She is a adjunct faculty member at Xavier University where she instructs educators on best practices for children with specific learning, behavior and gifted needs.
    • Renee supports parents in both private and group settings.
    • She has spoken to groups of all shapes and sizes including parent and school groups, corporations who support their working parents and churches and synagogues looking for guidance for parents.
    • Renee authors monthly newsletters, blogposts, facebook ideas and connects to parents through couples workshops and book talks.


    • Parents and Teachers walk away with practical approaches that they can put to use right away!
    • Parents learn to Teach, Model, and Practice instead of Scream and Yell at their children.
    • Child in Bloom approaches encourage self-regulation of the adult and child.
    • Everyone gains skills to help them manage their emotions, bodies, brains, responses and behaviors.
    • Parents and Teachers see positive growth in their classroom and family dynamics.


    • Child in Bloom can help you begin to see small bits of growth that make big changes in your family life.
    • Connect what works from your child’s school to home and vice versa so your child feels safe and his world’s connect.
    • Determine what isn’t working and make a plan to make it better right away.

To learn more about Child in Bloom visit their website or email Renee at [email protected].

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