Join the Reds Heads at Great American Ballpark

Ok, so baseball season is winding down and the Reds won’t be playing into October, but there are still a few weeks to catch a late summer game! And if you have a child that enjoys the game, then I’ve got the perfect club for them — the Reds Heads.

This is my daughter’s second year in the club and she has thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! For a $25 annual fee, members this year received a backpack, a lunch box, a Reds Head jersey and lanyard, tickets to a game, as well as some smaller items. This year’s new adventure included a passport, which encouraged kids to attend various events to get a stamp, such as a Fireworks Friday game, autograph and Q&A sessions, All-Star Fanfest, etc. And there are fun tasks to complete, like taking your picture with a mascot and completing an on-site scavenger hunt. If you’ve ever dreamed of stepping on the field, being a parent of a Reds Head member is the way to go! After yesterday’s game there was a parade around the warning track for Reds Heads kids and their families. And next weekend is a Run the Bases event after the game. For any kid lucky enough to collect nine stamps by the end of the season, there is a Reds Head celebration at the ballpark.

All the above provides plenty of fun and inspiration in one season but wait, there’s more! We arrived early to yesterday’s game, in the hopes of snagging a pre-game autograph along first base line. Someone from the Reds’ organization approached my daughter and asked if she wanted to deliver the game ball! I actually wasn’t that dialed in to all the pre-game festivities but it turns out there are several honorable tasks to take part in, including game ball delivery, throwing out pitches and relaying the lineup cards from the managers to the umpires. Often times, these events are planned out in advance and go to corporate groups but occasionally, when it’s a Reds Head game and event, they seek out a Reds Head kid, which is what happened to us yesterday! It was a day we’ll never forget and I’m so thankful for the opportunity. And kudos to the Reds for creating so many ways for the community to take part in the love of baseball!

p.s. Find out how to join the club here:

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