Junior Cuts: Changing Kids Haircuts in Cincinnati

Have you ever taken a look at your child’s hair, told yourself you couldn’t go one more day without getting it cut, then found yourself dreading – even avoiding – the experience?  Well, the owners of Junior Cuts – a kids’ hair salon inside Recreations Outlet – are working hard to change that.

Fueled by their own frustrations in searching for the right salon for their boys, now nearly 8 and 4, Tom and Sarah Callihan believed they could use their combined business (and parenting) experiences to offer something different. And, in March 2014, they opened their doors.

What makes Junior Cuts different?

The salon’s mission is to offer quality haircuts for kids with the convenience parents need and the fun kids crave and they offer a number of parent- and kid-friendly features to help deliver on that promise.

  • -Parents love the salon’s convenient hours, the ability to book appointments online 24/7, the experienced, kid-friendly stylists, the clean and newly remodeled salon, and online access to coupons and special events.
  • -Kids love the cool salon chairs (including race cars and firetrucks), TVs that play their favorite shows and movies, free prizes after each cut or style, and free access to Recreations Outlet’s indoor playground while they wait for their appointment.

Beyond the typical kids’ haircut, the salon has built a strong reputation for serving children who are anxious or even fearful about getting their hair cut – whether it’s their first professional cut or they’re struggling with the experience due to a variety of special needs.

Making the first haircut memorable

The team is always honored to take part in an important milestone like the first haircut. To make it special, they offer a souvenir certificate and lock of hair following the cut and have dedicated a section of their website to helping parents decide when it’s time for the first cut and prepare for the big day. Sample tips include:

  • If new places or people make your child nervous, consider a pre-appointment visit or review salon photos online so they know what to expect.
  • Use words like “trim” or “style” rather than “cut,” which may scare some kids.
  • Remind them that superheroes and princesses like to wear capes.
  • Pick a good time of day for your child (e.g., not nap time or meal time.)
  • Bring a special toy or “friend” that may help keep your child happy and calm.
But, even the most prepared children can get the “first haircut jitters,” so the stylists are always prepared to help by: 
  • Demonstrating how tools work and sound before using them or avoiding certain tools altogether.
  • Finding the chair that makes your child most comfortable or cutting their hair while they sit in your lap.
  • Playing your child’s favorite show or movie, blowing bubbles, singing songs, making silly faces, or whatever might help keep your little one happily distracted.

Learn more about the team’s special approach, check-out their full service and pricing menu, and book your child’s next appointment by visiting www.JuniorCuts.com or www.Facebook.com/JuniorCutsSalon.

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