Kid-Approved April Fools Day Pranks

AprilFools_FeatTextApril Fools Day is almost here and we’ve gathered some of the most kid-friendly jokes to play with your kids! If your child loves to laugh and be silly, these would be perfect to make them giggle on the funniest day of the year!

Some of the ideas on this list are jokes for parents to pull on their kids, and some are ideas that kids pull off on a friend or family member. All are silly and intended to be in good-spirit.

Kid-Approved April Fools Day Pranks

Make a spilled coffee prop and use it again and again | Red Ted Art

Take a sip of this grape juice, or grape jello | Make It & Love It

Every kid loves a nice plate of hot fudge brownies | JDaniel’s 4 Mom

This frozen cereal will start the day with a smile | Kids Activities Blog

Hungry? How about some eggs and bacon made from candy | Teach Mama

These giant googly eyes are looking at you | Paging Fun Mums

This fake snot looks so real, it’s gross! | Kids Activities Blog

Broccoli lollipops, enough said | The Decorated Cookie

This moldy sandwich will definitely have your kids doing a double take | Perpetual Kid

Offer them a grape and tomato candy | Eats Amazing

Stick googly eyes on the stuff in the fridge | Buzzfeed

Dye the milk a different color and pretend you have no idea it’s different | Kids Activities Blog

Who doesn’t want an ice cream sundae for dinner? | Bake at 350

Finish your dinner and you get a grilled cheese dessert | The Sphors Are Multiplying

Bugs in the food is always a fun prank | Teach Mama


Hopefully these pranks bring your kids some good laughs! Have a Happy April Fools Day!

By the way, this is unfortunately my last post for Cincinnati Parent. It has been an absolute pleasure writing these fun preschool blogs each month. Thanks for having me, CP!




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