Last August my daughter started kindergarten. So far we are happy with every aspect of it. We love the school, her teacher, her principal, the other parents and the other students we have met. We are happy with everything…except the fact that she has homework.

Since the first week of school there has been homework. On holiday weekends there is homework. Over Christmas break there was homework. Seriously? My daughter is five!

What type of homework is a Kindergartener given? Let me give you some examples: worksheets of copying numbers 1 to 100, poster projects, collages, logs where you keep track of what you read at home, letter practicing sheets, reading comprehension worksheets, calendars to fill out, spelling lists for spelling tests, the list grows every week!!!

I taught in a middle school and I did not give as much homework as my five year old gets. Instead, I would give assignments and time to work on them in class. I found that the kids that did need the extra practice and would benefit for the homework would not do it. And the kids that did all their homework, already knew the material, so homework for them was a waste of time.

Luckily, my daughter enjoys her homework, but I’m concerned she will get burnt out because of it. I’m not sure I’m ready to battle a potentially apathetic five year old because in the Spring she has Kindergarteneritis.


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