Rainy Days at Kings Island’s Planet Snoopy

Our best kept secret, well until now, is rainy days at Kings Island’s Planet Snoopy

The lines in kid friendly Planet Snoopy dwindle down, even the most impatient kiddos have a total blast!

Three hours could get you a spin on every single ride in Kings Island’s Planet Snoopy, some twice! Consider a rainy day for your Kings Island visit. The park determines ride safety based on the level of rain the region is experiencing. If the forecast appears to have low chances of rain, get on down and enjoy a very light crowd!


StormReady Recognition

Using StormReady recognition, the park operates an inclement weather policy in phases. Light rain will not shut down the coasters, bring a poncho or throw on a swimsuit! Phase 1, with lightning 15 miles out, will start to shut down taller attractions like Windseeker and the Eiffel Tower. Phase 2 and 3 close down the rest of coasters and flat rides before Phase 4 puts the park in a halt.

Often times, checking the forecasts, percentages and radars the morning of will give you a good feel on weather safety. It would be best to avoid days with big storms heading our way. Rain checks nor refunds are provided in inclement weather, it is up to you to take that chance.

Fun Pix

A second best kept secret: FunPix. Available daily or seasonally, FunPix vouchers allow you unlimited digital photos of all FunPix stations. This includes all rides with photos and the grand entrance photo of the Eiffel Tower. For $5, keychains, 4×6, 6×8 prints and eyelet viewers are available for all FunPix holders.

The fun news with light rainy days at Kings Island’s Planet Snoopy is beating the heat, skipping the crowds and everything continues to stay open! You can still get your serving of iconic blue ice cream, throw some rings in the arcade, ride to the top of the Eiffel Tower, shop for KI themed Squishmallows and devour all of the yummy treats KI has to offer… have we mentioned 50th Anniversary blue funnel cakes?!


50th Anniversary Treats

Kings Island cuisine is surprisingly plentiful! Currently the park has transformed into a larger-than-life 50th Anniversary celebration. Foodies will be delighted with special anniversary treats like fizzy pop rock drinks, live entertainment, crafts and a huge parade!

blue funnel cake

Kings Island’s Planet Snoopy is open daily 11am-10pm with early admission for pass holders. Purchase your tickets and parking passes online or through the Kings Island app for discounted prices.

Kings Island is located at 6300 Kings Island Dr., Kings Mills, OH 45034

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