Krohn Conservatory’s Fabulous Foliage is a breath of spring air

The #polarvortex may be behind us, but winter’s far from over. If you’re looking to escape the cold and clouds, there’s someplace right in Cincinnati where you can do just that! Krohn Conservatory is one of Cincinnati’s best hidden gems, and its seasonal shows are always a fun way to celebrate the changing seasons.   

Running now through March 10, Krohn Conservatory’s Fabulous Foliage is a breath of spring air — literally!

As you walk into the exhibit room, you’ll be treated to a total-sensory experience of spring. From the beautiful purple, green, orange and yellow colors to the babbling waterfalls to the botanical aromas to the warmth of the conservatory, Fabulous Foliage is a surefire cure for the winter blues.

If you think your kids won’t be into a floral show, think again. My kids were delighted by the rainbow colors and the mini waterfalls. Kids, just like adults, are starved for spring this time of year, and Krohn Conservatory is just a wonderful outing for everyone.

My baby was also super excited about Fabulous Foliage — the bright colors and variety of plants kept her smiling the entire time!

February’s just begun, and we have several more weeks of winter to endure. But spring is always just up the hill, in Eden Park’s Krohn Conservatory.

Fabulous Foliage is open Tuesday-Sunday (closed Mondays) through March 10. Admission for Fabulous Foliage at Krohn Conservatory is just $4 for adults and $2 for kids 5-17 (kids ages 4 and under are free). And you can also get a coupon good for $1 off up to four tickets here.

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