Learning and Thriving Without Labels or Limits at Summit Academies

For alternative learners and their families, Summit Academies offers a place to grow, build hope and strive for success, through their network of tuition-free public schools located throughout greater Ohio, for students in kindergarten through grade 12.

Offering tailored learning solutions for children with autism and ADHD, Summit Academies’ approach to education is a holistic one.

They offer unique programs, such as therapeutic martial arts, where students receive martial arts classes that take place in the school’s Dojo. It’s in this safe space where concepts are made concrete, and the Sensei becomes a role model when students are struggling with their behavior.

The teachers and staff at Summit Academies work closely with parents and students, forming a team to meet each student’s academic, social and emotional needs. Teachers understand that each child learns differently, so they are patient and prepared to use several different methods of teaching in order to provide the best education to each student.

“My son has been bullied and misunderstood his whole life. On his first day at Summit Academy, his mood was totally different,” says Katrina M., a Xenia parent whose son attends Summit Academy Community School for Alternative Learners. “I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us. I am so grateful for a safe place for him to learn with teachers and staff that have compassion and understanding.”

To learn more about Summit Academies and to enroll in one of their 24 schools in 13 Ohio cities, visit summitacademies.org.

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