Lice Removal Made Simple with Simplicety

Campbell County native Pete Wigginton meets a lot of families during desperate times. After weeks or months of (unsuccessfully) battling a lice infestation, desperate Cincinnati parents turn to Simplicety.

That’s Pete.

“I’ve gone into homes where the mothers have thrown everything out of the house because they think lice live in the house,” Pete recalls. “Once I treat the infestation, I’ll educate parents about lice and the science behind them. When I do my follow-up a week later, they’ll tell me they’ve got their confidence and peace of mind back, because they’re so relieved the lice is gone. I take a lot of pride in that.”

As a local resource for professional lice removal, Simplicety was a response to the dire need for simple, chemical-free lice treatment in Greater Cincinnati. A native to the area, Pete knew there wasn’t anything like Simplicety in the Tri-State, and he wanted to fill that niche.

“Over-the-counter treatments aren’t killing head lice anymore. So what’s happening is parents are using the treatments — and about 2-4 weeks later they’ve got lice again,” Pete explains. “What I do is, instead of trying to kill the lice, I remove lice out of their environment completely.”

Parents make an appointment, and Pete or one of his trained Simplicety professionals comes to their home and checks the head of every family member. Using the Simplicety Nit-Free Terminator Comb and Simplicety Detangling Solution, Pete physically combs through every strand to remove lice and their eggs, eliminating them from their natural environment: your hair.

So not only does Simplicety remove lice completely – the company has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and offer a 30 day guarantee – these professionals do it 100% naturally, eliminating the repeated application of harmful chemicals to your child’s head.

Besides being dedicated to educating Cincinnati parents, schools, summer camps, nonprofits, and the community about lice prevention, Pete always shares this universal truth about lice: they don’t discriminate.

“Getting lice doesn’t mean you’re dirty or you have a dirty home,” he explains. “Lice don’t care. They’re in every neighborhood and in every school. I go all over the Tri-State – from Indian Hill to Mason to Florence – treating lice.”

Simplicety’s services range from $15 for a headcheck to $145 for a girls/womens treatment, which does include a free follow-up visit to ensure you are 100% lice free. That’s it – there are no hidden costs or charges.

Parents can also purchase Simplicety’s two essential lice removal tools to help prevent lice: the Simplicety Nit-Free Terminator Comb ($15) and Simplicety Detangling Solution ($19.95), which is formulated with a natural enzyme to dissolve nit glue, Vitamin B to help heal the scalp and lavender extract, which acts as a natural lice repellant. You can purchase each individually or together for $29.95 on

For more information about Pete Wigginton, Simplicety, and his simple, all-natural lice removal method, visit or email [email protected].

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