Light Up the Fair is back for a second season of spectacular lights!

There are so many traditions during the holiday season and countless ways to celebrate as a family in Cincinnati. Drive-thru light displays are one of the most family-friendly holiday traditions, but up until last year, Northern Kentuckians had to cross the bridge to partake in this experience. With Light Up the Fair, that’s no longer the case!

Light Up the Fair is back for a second season of spectacular lights!

Light Up the Fair debuted last year to rave reviews – and it’s easy to see why. Light Up the Fair is a spectacular drive-thru light display in Burlington that every family in the Tristate will enjoy.

Light Up the Fair is held at the Boone County Fairgrounds and is open now through January 4th. If you’ve ever been to the fairgrounds before, you’ve never seen it like this, as they are now illuminated with over half a million dazzling lights. 

Gates open at 5:30 pm and as soon as it’s completely dark, you’ll be able to drive along the mile-long path through the property. Set your radio to 98.3 FM and be amazed as the music perfectly matches up with the lights. The path winds through the fairgrounds, past many different displays, tunnels, and scenes, so you’ll never see the exact same thing more than once. The variety is easily one of best parts of this attraction.

You’ll also loved the local nods within the display (look for the Florence Y’all Tower), the numerous tunnels and the patriotic themes. This spectacular display really stands up to all of the other drive-thru attractions in Cincinnati. Of course, Light Up the Fair is extremely convenient for Northern Kentuckians — but this event is really worth the drive for anyone in the Tristate.

Admission costs to Light Up the Fair are based on the number of people in your vehicle, and you can find that information here. If you’re looking for a new tradition to begin with your own family, Light Up the Fair is a wonderful opportunity to do so. Light Up the Fair runs nightly (including holidays), now through January 4th.

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