Little Foodies: Carillon Brewing

Education and a brewery don’t usually go hand-in-hand. But at Carillon Brewing Company, parents can sneak in a history lesson — a glimpse into the 1850s-era Dayton — while enjoying a cold one. Carillon Brewing is touted as the “only U.S. brewery replicating the historic brewing process.”

Never heard of it? Carillon Brewing is located in Dayton’s innovative Carillon Park, a 65-acre open-air history museum. There is no admission fee to enter Carillon Brewing and parking is free at Carillon Park.

Visiting History

From the outside, Carillon Brewing sets the tone with gas copper lamps and white oak doors sash-sawn with hand-forged hinges and handles. Inside, history comes to life at the brick furnace where costumed interpreters draw water from a handmade copper kettle before beginning the process of mashing and lautering.

There is an oak barrel educational display outlining the history—sourced from city directories, canal records and farmers’ reports—and the science of brewing at this time.

Food and Drink

German, Irish and English fare is on the menu, reflecting the mix of cultures of the time. Shareables such as bier cheese fries, sauerkraut balls and German soft pretzels top the menu. A kid’s menu appeals to little foodies with a frankfurter, grilled cheese and burger. Adult dishes include wurst, Reuben and burgers with time period-appropriate brews like porter, coriander ale,Berliner Weiss, Roggenbier, squash ale and more.

1000 Carillon Blvd., Dayton |

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