Little Foodies: Charcuterie Creations

The funny yet oh-so-true term “girl dinner” hit the scene in 2023 and we are carrying it into the new year with Charcuterie Creation’s DIY classes and café! Girl dinner is neither a dinner or a snack, but an array of little bites designed to make up one big meal … as it turns out, moms and their kids both love a variety plate.  

Charcuterie Creations

Owned and operated by two Cincinnati-based healthcare workers, the darling duo knows more than a bit about health and nutrition. Bringing along with them a knowledge of creating delicious food, entertaining, and sharing with others, Charcuterie Creations was born post-pandemic. Monthly classes teach moms and their friends all the basics when putting together a nutritious board of fruit, meat, cheeses, and other fun surprises like a brunch board!   

Make it a day out with friends or ride solo, at Charcuterie Creations new friends are made. Gather with other beginners with a glass of wine or beer, 90 minutes of instruction, food and supplies, and 30 minutes of questions before ending the evening with a perfectly curated “girl dinner.” 

Charcuterie Creations

Located in historic downtown Sharonville, the café is open for lunch and dinner with a menu both parents and kids love. Butter boards with whipped butter, toppings and a baguette; paninis on sourdough with peanut butter and honey, turkey and cheese, prosciutto and fig, or ham and cheddar; and grilled bagels offer a hearty and healthy meal to get through the winter season.   

The café offers charcuterie boards each served with meats, cheeses, fresh fruit, nuts, olives, homemade jam, honey and assorted crackers — a perfect opportunity to taste test before creating a board of your own. Not the DIY type? Personalized trays take just two days to create like Charcuterie Creation’s popular brunch or dessert tray, snack size cups or cones, individual brunch or lunch boxes, and full size grazing tables.  

3327 Creek Road, Cincinnati | 

Charcuterie Creations

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