Local Bakery Offering FREE Birthday Cupcakes

It is truly inspiring to see how local businesses have been stepping up to serve families during the COVID-19 pandemic!
Simply Decadent is a local bakery offering free birthday cupcakes for individuals with March or April birthdays.



Words From Simply Decadent’s Website:

We know that recent events have been hard on all of us. During these trying times, it is important that we come together, support one another, and celebrate what we do have. With that mindset, Simply Decadent wants to help our neighbors whose birthday’s have been overshadowed by quarantines, COVID-19, and social distancing. So help us share something other than Covid-19!

Between April 4th and April 15th, visit and like ourĀ Facebook page and send us a message with your address and birth date. On April 18th, we will deliver a free Birthday Cupcake to everyone with a March or April birthday who messages us and lives within a 5 mile radius of our bakery (108 West Franklin Street in Bellbrook). That’s right, a free cupcake to help you celebrate your special day! It’s our way of spreading a little bit of happiness during these unpredictable times.

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