Local Spotlight: Bicycles for All

Bicycles for All has a simple mission that’s summed up in its name: Make sure kids who want a bike can get a bike, making the trails and streets of Dayton accessible to them.

Southwest Ohio Parent spoke to Jason Willey of Bicycles for All to learn about the nonprofit that is refurbishing, recycling and rebuilding bicycles to give to underserved children.

When a donated bike comes into your shop, what do you do with it?

We are a small group of folks who love seeing kids and adults discover the joy of cycling. Southwest Ohio has an awesome infrastructure in place for recreational cycling. Our goal is to continue introducing young people to the fun and freedom achieved by riding a bike.

When a bike is donated, we do a quick triage to determine what work is needed to refurbish the bike to a rideable and safe condition. If we decide the bike cannot be repaired, we will remove any usable parts and then sell any remaining metal parts to salvage.

Can adults get bikes through Bicycles for All?

Yes. Although we focus on getting bikes for kids, we also refurbish adult-sized bikes. These bikes are sold at a reduced price. We have many adults who come in to find a bike so they can utilize the trail network in Dayton while riding with their kids. Often, these are people who gave up cycling when they got a driver’s license but now want to be more active outdoors.

How do people get in contact with you if they need a bike?

The best way to get in contact with us is to come into the shop during our open hours. Always check the Facebook page (facebook.com/BicyclesForAll) to see the latest post regarding any closure. We don’t normally post photos of the inventory, but we can usually answer direct messages regarding any special needs.

Are there ways for people to get involved with Bicycles for All?

We love new volunteers. No expertise in repairing bicycles is needed. We are happy to teach new helpers the basics and then add to their skills. Sometimes we need help with organizing parts and tools. We also need help in getting scrap to the recycling center.

How are funds spent from donations and the sale of adult bikes?

The money earned in the shop is used to cover the expenses in the program. We use the money to cover our insurance and rent. Additionally, we do have to purchase some repair parts, like inner-tubes, tires and grips. Occasionally, we will need to purchase a special tool or shop items like lights, towels or cleaning supplies.

Do you offer bicycle repairs?

We avoid offering cycle repairs beyond bikes that come from our shop. For repairs, we recommend visiting the local bike shops. These shops are fantastic partners to our program. We have received donations from the shops in the form of free and discounted parts. They will send us complete bikes they have taken in as trades. Several times, their mechanics have volunteered time in the repair shop to help us if we have more complicated repairs.

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