Mad Libs for Parents

Remember Mad Libs?

Those fill in the blank stories. Well, here’s one for all you parents out there. Feel free to copy and paste this in the comments with your own answers filled in. Or share with friends you think may enjoy it.


This morning I woke up before my alarm went off because __________ came in complaining of __________. I got out out of bed I was surprised that my __________ had __________ all over the floor. After cleaning that up I walked downstairs to make breakfast for my kids, but they wouldn’t eat the _____ because they didn’t like the __________ in it.

After breakfast I had to chase my daughter out to the bus because she forgot her __________. But of course, she remembered to take her __________ instead. When I returned in the house both little kids were screaming because our pet __________ had __________ all over the __________.

After that we loaded up in the __________ and went to __________ so we could __________.

We returned home just in time for lunch, I hadn’t planned anything yet so we ate __________ and had a bit of __________ on the side.

Next, it was time for nap. After tucking both kids in one of them __________ in their __________. What a mess. That’s going to leave a stain. Now that both kids are asleep, the house is __________ for a few minutes. I think I will __________.

I __________ just in time to see my oldest run __________ in from the bus. She is__________ because __________said __________ to her at school today. She then goes into the pantry for an after school snack of __________ and __________.

Next, the little kids are awake, so all three kids play __________ which lasts about __________ minutes and ends because the __________ decides to __________in the corner of the __________.

While all this is going on I make a dinner consisting of __________ and __________. Of course, my kids will only eat the __________ because they think the __________tastes like __________.

After dinner I help my daughter with her __________ homework. It takes about __________ to complete and usually end with her __________ me, because __________.

I give the kids baths, one at a time because my son thinks his sister’s bath water is __________ . His bath goes smoothly until he __________ everywhere. After his bath I put my two-year-old in the tub. I have to watch her closely, if I don’t she may __________ or __________ or even put a __________ in __________.

Finally it is time for bedtime stories. My kids _____ about choosing their books. My son likes __________ and both the girls like stories about __________. The kids are now stalling because they don’t want to go to bed. My son wants __________. My oldest comes out of her room asking for __________ and the two-year-old is at her door shouting “__________!”

I survived another day of parenting. I go to the __________ and have a __________ and __________ and prepare to do it all over again tomorrow.


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