Mini Architecture Puzzles

If your family can’t travel around the globe this summer to see the world’s most famous landmarks, here’s the next best thing: build them!

My 11 year old daughter had no problem putting together the two 3D kits below by Cubic Fun. The sturdy foam core punches out and assembles easily and the models are sturdy enough to stand on their own. Some of the landmarks included: the Statue of Liberty, pyramids, Eiffel Tower, London Tower Bridge, Golden Gate bridge, Sydney Opera House and various skyscrapers from around the world. There are others online as well.

It’s a great craft to keep kids thinking big, even if they’re just hanging out at home. And a fun way to await the biggest international competition of them all: the Olympics in August!

Cubic Fun Mini Architecture Series 1, 99 pieces

Cubic Fun Mini Architecture Series 4, 60 Pieces

(image courtesy Cubic Fun, Amazon)

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