February 2022



» Planning for Postpartum Support

This article will help readers make a plan for developing and engaging a support system during the “fourth trimester.” It will include tips on how to get rest, nourishment, emotional support and other help while healing from childbirth and taking care of your baby.

» The Top Benefits of a Montessori Education

Known for fostering independence, encouraging empathy, and supporting lifelong learning, the Montessori Method instills lifelong skills that last beyond the classroom. Here are just some of the reasons why choosing a Montessori school might be the best decision you can make for your family.

» A Healthy Mouth for Life

Healthy teeth are important to your child’s health, and it’s important to establish good oral care habits at a young age. This article will offer tips for making dental hygiene fun, and outline what a good tooth brushing routine looks like for kids.

» Summer Camp

February is the first month of our Summer Camp series of articles. Be a part of our February – June issues!
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» Out-of-the-Box Grown-Up Night Out Ideas

Whether you’re looking for unique date night ideas, or mom/dads night out venues, we’ll show you where to go and what to do to spend some kid-free time in your area.

» Little Foodies

Chocolate tasting with kids at SoChatti

» Teens & Tweens:

4 Things to Teach Your Teen About Money

» Special Needs

Special Needs Summer Camp Options around Indiana

» 2022 Summer Camp Fair

After moving last year’s Camp Fair to a Virtual Camp Fair, we are excited to return to Park Tudor School for the 32nd Annual Summer Camp Fair. Since our Virtual Camp Fair was such a success, we have decided to continue to offer our virtual camp listing along with the live event. Our in-person Camp Fair event will be held on March 5, 2022 from 11 am – 2 pm at Park Tudor School. CLICK HERE to learn more!

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