July 2024



> Staying Fit + Active During and After Pregnancy

Being active is important for a healthy pregnancy, as well as after the baby is born. This article discusses ways pregnant and postpartum mamas can fit fitness into their lives, including prenatal yoga, stroller fitness groups, baby bootcamp, gyms that cater to parents, and more.

> Changing Schools and Navigating the Transition

This article will explore the social and emotional aspects of changing schools, including practical ways to prepare your child for the change, to give them the tools they need to thrive at their new school. Sidebar: Back-to-school checklist

> Summer Fun Without the Sun

Don’t let the heat keep you homebound. Here are some great indoor activity ideas to explore this summer! Sidebar: Great indoor places to plan a birthday party

> Grown-Ups-Only Ideas for a Great Date Night

If you’re looking for a great date-night adventure — or parents night outing — look no further. Here are some awesome events and spots around town that are only for folks 21+.

> Travel: Festivals Worth the Drive

Festival season is in full swing, and you can find lots of charming celebrations happening all around the state. Here are some of the more popular festivals happening this summer (and some to look forward to this fall) that are worth traveling for!

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