National Geographic Live!

If you’re looking for an inspiring and educational event to take the family to consider attending a National Geographic Live! Event or Experience. I discovered the series in a recent magazine and yesterday my family attended a presentation by Terry Virts, a former fighter pilot and NASA astronaut. My daughter is especially interested in all things space at the moment but my husband and I found it extremely interesting as well. The 90 minute presentation included many one-of-a-kind photographs taken by Terry during his multiple missions, as well as many behind-the-scene stories about daily life in space. (Like how you eat, sleep and exercise in zero gravity!) The talk concluded with a Q&A session.

They’ve also had recent presentations featuring wildlife photographers, a marine biologist and a mountain climber. They happen in select cities across the country; the nearest to Cincinnati has been Dayton.

It’s a big world out there and Nat Geo will help you learn all about it. Sign up for future event updates here.

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